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Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. You should too.

Every day cybercriminals rewrite the book, and every day cyber defenders fall further and further behind — until now.

DEF3NSE: Gamified Learning on Real Live data with Real coaches.

Step 1

Plug-in to Real-World trending threats and alerts

Step 1

Plug-in to Real-World trending threats and alerts

Step 2

Perform real research on live data.

Step 3

Real-time practitioner coaching and collaboration.

Step 4

Hunt and report threats intuitively.

Step 5

Earn credentials.

Step 6

Gamified & Incentivized!

Only FOUR18 turns real-world tactics into live training to prepare today’s cyber workforce for today’s cyber threats.

Four18 is changing the game. Our virtual cyber work-based learning & gamified crowdsourcing platform provides hands-on experience using real-time, real-world data.


Students build technical analysis, critical thinking, and teamwork skills to thrive in today’s cyber roles.


Employers gain access to job-ready cyber talent at factory scale and uplevel current teams as cyber threats evolve.


Educational and workforce organizations can improve access to high-demand careers and accelerate workforce entry.

The FOUR18 Difference


Engaging, interactive, and incentivized learning environment for students and employers.


Real-time global threat learning feeds curated from up-to-the-minute attacks using open-source data and client challenges.


Fluid mentoring and collaborative learning with peers, employer teams, and the subject matter experts (SME).


Plug-n-Play virtual cyber work-based learning platform that scales hands-on experience.


Community analysis of threats and access to vetted experts.


Proven technology developed by US Intelligence R&D, driving speed and accuracy of results through the latest thinking.

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Cyber Expertise

Our experienced team works with best-of-breed technologies and collaborates with world-class analysts and partners.

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